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The Artist - Laura Hepworth

I first met Laura Hepworth early in 2018, when she & her partner came to visit the space as a prospective venue for an exhibition. What struck me straight away was the fact Laura is a real people person, easy to talk to, cheerful as well as very passionate about her craft. She knew of Space at 61 and its various activities from our instagram account. So that was good, as we weren't starting off cold.

Laura told me she was a Conceptual Artist & Sculptor, living locally & that her work explores art & science through drawing, sculpture and installation.

We booked a date in for her exhibition, Three Days of Rain, more than 6 months ahead, and got to work almost immediately with a plan for the promotion.

The title of this blog is 'how to hold a successful Art exhibition' & for that you really need to decide what success looks like for you.

- Is it about financial success, selling work, taking commissions etc?

- Is it about growing your awareness as a commercial Artist?

- Is it about meeting people locally & creating long lasting connections in the community?

You do need to really have those answers before going ahead with the show in order to feel fulfilled afterwards.

Lauras exhibition 'Three Days of Rain' opened on July 25th for a private view & ran until the 29th. During which time Laura held a drop in childrens art workshop, & invigilated her work.

Five Key Factors for Exhibition Success

Based on Lauras model here are the things I believe are essential for a successful exhibition

1. A good lead time. Laura booked her exhibition in during January and worked constantly up to the launch in July to raise her awareness in the local area using a mix of social media and in person methods.

2. Looking for people to collaborate with for the event, Laura made the acquaintance of a fantastic local caterer (MIG Catering) & a local writer (Sarah Parrot) prior to the event, both of which made a big impact on the success of the Private View.

3. Trying new techniques to get people interested. Laura conducted a series of Instagram Lives leading up to the event well promoted & advertised in advance with a competition tied in. She drove her own following up based on this action as well.

4. Selling work is always nice when you have an exhibition on, which Laura did, I saw the work that went in to Laura bringing people to the event, both through her own existing contacts book & pushing further into the local community.

5. Communication with the venue owner, Laura & I were pretty much in constant communication over the lead up to the event, discussing ways to get the message around the neighbourhood, discussing logistics of the event, & the invigilation process during the event. I'd honestly say as a venue owner, that I'd rather not work with an Artist who isnt someone I'd happily sit down for a coffee with because the effort cuts both ways.

As well as being a wonderful event for the community & the Artist, it also inspired more creativity in the form of a poem about Lauras work written by the owner of local Creative Writing business 'Write Sparks' Sarah Parrot

Three Days of Rain

There was no descent, No ominous calm, In an instant, What was past was prologue. I had no wish to be charmed, chased, conquered. I met your wild with my own. Without your darkness, your demons, your depths, I could not have seen you ignite. I welcomed your danger. The drought invites the downpour, Aware of the damage it will bring. I saw beyond your frigid lines, Into the pleats, the contours, The lightning folds. The violence of your light Cut through the monotony. My familiar world made alien. You were such stuff as dreams are made on, Complex, abstract, intoxicating, Yet fleeting. Our conflict united us, Our furies danced, Until the daylight untied us.

Sarah Parrott

July 2018

If you would like to view more of Laura Hepworths work or contact her please click here

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