3 things you need to do now! for the small business owner

Updated: Mar 15

Having spent the last seven years of my life as a self employed small business owner I feel qualified to make a few suggestions that might help others, based on hard won life experience.

1. First of all there's strength in numbers, why?

It can be lonely and a bit scary being a small business owner. You may well have left behind a well paying job to try your hand at something that makes your heart sing, but your wallet scream.

You are going to hit the doubt factor at some point no matter how gung ho and hardy you are. When cashflow bites hard and your Mum reminds you that its your own fault for throwing away your University education to stand on a market stall (thanks metaphorical Mum) you are going to need your people around you.

When I first started out in 2011 it was quite early on in the development of the Girl Boss revolution, nowadays you'd have to be blind to miss all the positive, go getting posts all over social media from amazing women doing their thing, but back then it was mainly just your mates on facebook posting pictures of their latest 5 star holiday which when you have chosen to tie yourself to a life of small business start up income was a lonely place.

Support and encouragement is priceless, at the moment I am loving the podcast series by Me & Orla founder Sarah Tasker - Hashtag Authentic, where each month she interviews a new guest who has gone through the trials and tribulations of small business life and can bring something amazing to the table.

Local small business support systems both online & in real life are now many and varied.

In our immediate area of South East London I can recommend lots of other fantastic networking groups:

Rye Here Rye Now by Miho Ashima & Kat Garner

Cooking with Scissors - led by Angela Burgess and Chris Essex-Hill

Because We Can Collective - led by Sarah Birchall of Cub & Pudding

Self Employed Club - Meets at Space at 61, The Espresso Cartel, and Sweet Carolina Kitchen and Bar

2. Get Visible

Small business run on word of mouth and recommendations. No one can recommend you if they don't know you exist.

With all the options to hand from social media to blogging there is no excuse for not being visible online & in the real world by getting to know your community. If running social media isn't your thing there are lots of great social media managers in the local area who can take the weight for you. If you want a recommendation let me know!

3. Keep Learning

It is possible these days to learn most things from a few hours a week on Youtube of self guided learning. Make a list of anything you'd like to know more about or improve on and if you get 10 minutes a day spare, pick something you will tackle and go for it!

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