Want 5 days of Social Media Marketing ideas? Read on!

Updated: Mar 15

So it's time to post on your social media again,because everyone knows that social media marketing needs a good amount of time and effort put into it.

Do you feel energised with a million things to say or do you state blankly at the screen and wonder? You are your own biggest cheerleader when it's your small business and you need to tell a story that will keep pulling the audience's in.

Here are five content suggestions from me to keep you packing the house this week.


1. Tell your audience about you. Who are you? Did you start your small business with intent or has it evolved gradually over time?

Your Reader 2. Involve your readers in choices. Have you got an idea for a new product/service? Ask for people's input. I've developed new classes this year based on customer input.

Your Business

3. Talk about your business, who works for you? Where are your products available? I've seen some lovely posts about shops and markets where small business people supply their goods.

Your Community

4. Be helpful, can your post unite the people who follow you somehow? Allow people to connect on your page @socialmums does this extremely well, you forget that people are here to meet others too.

Your Inspirations

5. Talk to us about your inspirations, love Michelle Obama, adore Alan Sugar tell us about that, how have what those people done inspired your development. And there you have it a week in content 😄 if you found this helpful leave me a comment.



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