How do you plan a kids party? - 5 tips to help you get started.

Updated: Mar 15

It's a question that lots of people have, how do you plan a kids party? If you haven't done it before it can feel daunting, but there is really no need to worry. With some suggestions and links you'll be sorted in no time! Here are 5 tips to really help you get started with the planning.

1. At home or at a venue?

First of all you need to decide whether you'd like to have the party at home or at a venue. Many people decide to go for the latter these days, and if you want to invite a whole class, or have a certain kind of entertainer, or lets face it just leave the tidy up to someone else then out of home makes a lot of sense. Top tip - Plan 6-8 weeks ahead. There is a lot of competition for booking kids party venues mainly because of the fact most people want a Saturday or Sunday, which is a peak time for any venue.

2. Finding a Venue

When searching for a venue to hold your party in, go and see the venues, it is very easy for pictures on a website to look good, but actually visiting in person can save some heartache. When you are at the venue ask questions like, how many people are allowed in the venue at one time, does the venue have rules about attaching things to the walls, can the venue suggest entertainers? Finding a good venue is one thing, it also helps to have someone who is kind and pleasant helping you with enquiries as and when they arise, find out once you have booked who would be in charge of any questions you have during the process.

Top Tip - Ask for recommendations on local Facebook forums, you would be surprised how many lovely venues have issues in their process, one brand new swimming pool in the area has been known to serve up horrible stale sandwiches thrown together on a tray with old kitchen foil! Hardly what you want at your special occasion.

3. To hire an Entertainer or not?

This is such an important question. I have seen so many lovely parties with no entertainer they are by no means a must have. However, if you are going to do it yourself you need to enlist the help of extra adults especially if the party guests will be under 5. If you go it alone it works best to have lots of party games planned, music, party food made ahead of time and ready to go, and placing a limit on the party of 2 hours tops.

If you are going to hire an entertainer, make a short list based on current recommendations (within the last 3 months ideally) have a budget in mind, an estimated cost is £150 for an hours entertainment within the SE London area. Bear in mind good entertainment gets booked up around 6-8 weeks ahead too, for the same reasons as venues.

Top Tip - It is so important to really consider your childs personality before you book your entertainer. If you have a less outgoing child or one who is scared of loud personalities, then make sure you tell the booking agency you use because this could really ruin your party. There are some lovely gentle entertainers out there so if you dont want a Disney Princess screaming her way into a microphone for a 90 minutes be careful with your vetting!

4. Create a Theme

Having a theme for your party is amazing for so many reasons. 1) When you are looking back at your photo album in years to come you'll always remember your party by the theme. 2) It makes planning the party so much easier, all of your choices come back to the central theme from what decorations to what games and what cake. 3) Nowadays you can find so much inspiration on Pinterest that planning a theme is no problem, and many websites sell themed party packages.

Top Tip - Again with the time scales, but a good baker will want around 6-8 weeks ahead for a booking for a themed cake.

5. Decide how you would like to spend the party

If you are the sort of parent who loves to experiment with craft & baking, then go ahead and create everything for your party. If you know that on the day you'd rather be chatting to your friends, watching the entertainer put the biggest smile on your childs face, & handing out the party bags whilst someone else sweeps and mops the venue, then go with that. Kids birthdays come once a year. It really is worth making sure the day is a wonderful occasion for you as well.

Top Tip - If its an under 3s party you will have double the amount of parents to consider at the venue. Until children start in reception most parents will be coming along together, and also with smaller siblings. Keep that in mind for your head count.

Thanks for reading, if you need any suggestions for entertainers drop me a line! And if you found this post helpful why not share it with your friends? Sharing buttons are below.


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