Interview 4: Blog Series 'Have you met? ' interviews Shannon Reed

Updated: Mar 15

This article by small business owner Shannon Reed was originally written in the depths of winter, but with Easter a stones throw away its been updated slightly so you can enjoy meeting Shannon all over again. It also forms part of our Have you Met series highlighting amazing local business people in SE London.

I was totally delighted when Shannon Reed owner of Mockingbird Makes agreed to be a guest blogger, Shannon is well known for bright bespoke Makes that are pretty much sunshine in product form.

From technicolor Unicorns & bright Llamas to crocheted plants for those that struggle to keep real ones alive (like me) Shannon's range has a huge feel good factor. Shannon has written about how to stay well & thrive.

Introducing Shannon

“I live in East Dulwich, am the owner of Mockingbird Makes and I speak on Creativity for Wellness with over 15 years experience in creative innovation and personal development. I am also trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and am a mum of two boys.”

Without further delay here is Shannon on how to get through the last of the colder months of the year with your mental & physical well being intact.

Take it Slow Whilst Spring is well and truly here it is still cold. Getting outside is easier, but you still need to wear warm layers. Embrace this time of year instead, surrendered to the energy, instead of fighting it.

Even with the lighter evenings, it is still nice to stay home on occasion especially if you've been out all day taking children out for Easter holiday trips. You can consciously slow down and say hello to yourself - so important for knowing what you truly want from the coming summer months. Embrace the JOMO!!

Mind Taking control of what you feed into your mind can be especially helpful when gym and diet companies go into hyper-drive with the “you are not enough” messages ahead of the beach holiday period. Avoid them and replace them with what you want your mind to know about yourself.

In terms of Social Media why not unfollow those who proffer these messages and follow the accounts that uplift you, as you are, right now. The coming season has a unique energy all of it's own that can be used for wonderful results - as long as those results are ones we really intrinsically want (if you’re unsure, look out for the “should”). As @sunshineboxwellbeing suggested on Instagram: (image) What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more?

Self-compassion is not self-indulgence. Practiced well, self-compassion is a much stronger force than will power. Spend some of your "staying in time" listening or reading Kristen Neff and you’ll set yourself up for the rest of the year! Get outside and exercise - not to "drop a dress size" but to connect with the beauty and rhythms of nature and rest your eyes on the greenery and light that helps bring us contentment. You could even do it with a friend and (gasp) connect in real life! 😉 Be creative, always. It is our birthright, it makes our hearts sing, it is our humanness. Honour it in both big and little ways, every day. Take time to take care of you because we need you. We need the uniqueness that only you possess.

Thank you to Shannon Reed 'Creativity for Wellness' Speaker for this fantastic blog.

Contacting Shannon

You can email Shannon here To buy her makes click here Instagram @mockingbird_makes Twitter @mbird_makes Facebook @mockingbirdmakes

Website - Click here

Thanks for reading


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