How can I get my Instagram posts seen by as many people as possible?

Updated: Mar 15

Hi All

Do you get sick of reading articles that tell you loosely how to succeed on Instagram? I am not going to claim I smash it out of the park on every post but on Friday I had spent quite a bit of time studying my Instagram Insights and I decided to follow every single step that I am going to tell you below, and the end result? A 14% engagement rate (based on my follower count being 5,445 & my post likes being 758 which is the highest I have ever personally achieved. Likes are not everything admittedly, but my post not only had great comments, but it trended on at least one major industry specific hashtag for two days! Want to know more? Heres the post in question ( you can view it here on my account for Space at 61)

When you run a small business it can feel like social media can be a real drain on your time with little reward. What can you do to ensure that isnt the case? Here is a real life example of how I applied the rules and saw real results.

Step 1.

You have created a certain kind of audience on your Instagram page because of what you post. You will know yourself what content performs well and what doesn't. If you aren't sure then go to your Instagram Insights and pull up an audience search. You can then see clearly which posts have the most engagement, the most website clicks, the most comments, likes etc. My first tip to create a higher engagement rate on your page is - replicate content. Why? Because firstly you'd be surprised about who actually sees all of your posts. I've personally heard that you have to post a message 7 times before people start taking notice. So don't worry about pressing repeat. Plus we've already established that your audience likes it. So this is the first step.

Step 2.

Next you need to write about something that is useful, entertaining or adds value to your audience in some way. Try to look back through your previous posts and see if any themes emerge for what content people engage with the most. Do they love long storytelling posts, short funny ones, posts that advertise a discount on your product or service? It is worth really spending time on this part to get it right. Tip two - Be clear what you want your audience to do in response to your post. If you want them to share your post ask them. If you want them to click the link in your bio ask them. People are not the best at guessing what you want. So be very clear.

Step Three.

Post at the right time. Instagram insights are really clear on this Have a look by day by hour and it will tell you exactly when to post so you hit the maximum of your audience possible.

Step Four.

Use the right hashtags. With the post I had my success with I was still trending two days later on two large hashtags. The reason for this is the content clearly resonates with a wide range of people. It creates an emotion and is a relatable topic. It is very important to know where your audience is by hashtag so really give that some thought.

Now what did I do that really missed a trick?

I didn't tell people to click my web link but then again I wasn't expecting a combined total of 6K impressions over the two days my post trended either.

I hope this has been useful and if it has why not share it somewhere for someone else to take advantage?

Thanks for reading


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