Interview 9:Blog Series 'Have you Met?' interviews Elizabeth Knights Trench

Updated: Mar 15

'Have you Met?' interviews a new small business owner from the SE London area every week. This week its Elizabeth knights Trench owner of Brixton Hypnotherapy.

Using hypnosis in therapy is completely bizarre but it works.

Sometimes, when I have a very practical, pragmatic type client, it feels awkward to get them to lie back and imagine healing gold light (!) however, it’s not always predictable who slips quickly into trance and who will resist entirely.

My job is fascinating; no two clients are the same, just when I’m sure if the issue under a symptom, someone throws me the unexpected. Listening to people, I secretly learn as much from them as they from me.

Hypnotherapy is associated with quitting smoking or tricking your head so every time you see chocolate you smell dog-poo - and yes it can do that but I have really enjoyed specialising in using it to build confidence, resilience and success (whatever that means to my client).

I like to see women take their space in life; ‘to lean’ in as Sandberg coined it or ‘thrive’ as Huffington names it. I like to help women banish anxiety, stress and limiting beliefs. 

I myself have always been pretty good at this; I had a career in TV, presented current affairs, won awards, lived abroad several times, set up a touring political theatre company and wrote plays and made films about stuff I cared about.

Only once have I had a ‘boss’ and only once was I on a salary.

I chose to have time rather than money and still do. I thank my education and Mum for the permission I give myself to follow anything that interests me and for believing I’m good enough, capable enough, clever enough to do whatever I want. 

Having said this,  it’s often the subtle internal narratives that hold me back and sub-conscious self-imposed limitations. This is a lifetimes work for all of us.

I am now growing daughters and no longer want to race around the planet nor take centre stage.  I chose my latest career as an opportunity to never stop learning and to ‘give back’ by being useful to others. I was also looking for something society rarely offers women; a career in which being older would gain me more respect and exposure rather than less.  Thanks very much for your interview Liz

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