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Updated: Mar 15

Do you listen to podcasts? One of my favourites is Control Alt Delete by Emma Gannon I try not to miss it. Emma recently ran a 4 episode mini series on creativity & collaboration featuring the authors of a new book Creative Superpowers. Authors Laura Jordan Bambach, Mark Earls, Daniele Fiandaca & Scott Morrison wrote the book to give people different strategies for having better ideas and working in a more creative way.

I listened to the episodes & decided I'd have to order the book, so got my local bookshop Rye Books to place an order.

The book has different segments:

Making - How making opens up new parts of the brain

Hacking - How being a hacker helps you tackle problems in different ways

Teaching - How teaching yourself and others consolidate experiences in a fast paced world

Copying - How looking to what already exists helps you solve your problems

Each of the sections has chapters from contributing creatives from all over the globe which I loved, and immediately followed all of them on social media. It is so nice to hear about completely new people and projects.

For me a standout chapter came early in the book. ' What makes for great making ' by Morihiro Harano - Creative director/Founder of Mori Inc. This chapter is stuffed full of good stuff, for example:

-learning too much about something limits your creative freedom.

-Most people are more creative and productive when working together than alone,

-working with others with diverse experience speeds up idea generation.

- Get some sleep. Ideas are born outside of our consciousness, they are not immediately available to us. By sleeping we allow the brain to process new information and concepts into ideas.

This whole chapter is thought provoking & very useful.

I also found ' Have you had your brain hacked recently' by Hugh Garry, Director at Storythings excellent. Theres a great discussion about the process a magician goes through to create a successful trick, & also about the importance of awareness of mental state, to allow the brain to switch from problem solving to idea generation. Finally closing with 3 ways to hack your mind to create better ideas.

5 Important Tips I took from Creative Superpowers

1. Give your mind a chance to switch off - It is important to relax your mind to have the opportunity to come up with ideas. This theme recurs via several authors within the book. The thought of doing boring or repetitive tasks to help access the right state of mind to inspire ideas. It also talks about the way that not everyone thinks up ideas under the same conditions. Your ideal idea state may be having a bath, for someone else it has to be a walk around the block, self awareness is really the key here.

2. Spend time with people who inspire you. We've all heard the concept before that we are a compound of the people we spend the most time with. Think about the sort of people who help you spark ideas creatively, the ones who are producing great work that you admire will give you ideas to, and hang with them.

3. Take responsibility for your own development. Keep finding ways of moving yourself forwards in terms of your learning and understanding. The more you engage with the world the more you'll find things that spark off a train of thinking. Don't look in obvious places, find your own inspiration.

4. Experiment yourself. This is the top way to learn rather than passively receiving knowledge. If you want to start making films, make them, don't just watch videos about how to make films on Youtube.

5. Don't separate yourself to come up with ideas - Brainstorm with different people around you. The combination of different minds will come up with different new ideas.

Thanks for reading.


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