Interview 2: Blog Series 'Have you met?' interviews Becca Teers

Updated: Mar 15

'Have you met?' is a blog series highlighting the host of amazing small business owners in the local area.

Everyone deserves to be celebrated for the efforts that go into owning and founding a small business & this weeks feature is on Becca Teers a business owner from the SE22 area.

I recently met Becca when Angela Burgess owner of Around Dulwich recommended she attend one of my workshops for small business owners.

Becca has run successful businesses in East Dulwich for years and has now diversified to running retreats for wellbeing & recently written her first book. So without further adue over to Becca!

Hi I’m Becca Teers. I have lived in East Dulwich for twenty plus happy years. I live with my partner in life (as well as in business as we launch our new venture Mind Plus Retreats this year).

I also run Healthy Habits Hypnosis where I love to help people overcome their mindset blocks in order to be healthy, happy and fulfilled in their lives.

My background is in holistic and beauty therapy and I started and built a successful business in East Dulwich called Therapy (which still runs successfully under new owner and my former Salon Manager Yeliz).

I stepped out of the business just over two years ago in order to write my book and to concentrate on my hypnotherapy business full-time.

I love to be in business and to work for myself and am passionate about helping others to do the same or to do what they love whilst working for others. As Shona kindly invited me to guest blog I thought I’d write a few of my own mindset and practical tips for being happy and successful in work and business.

1) Do what you love!

There are many things that affect our work life enjoyment but one of the most important issues, I feel, is to have a passion and a purpose for what we do. This sense of purpose spurs us on when we’re tired and keeps us going if any obstacles crop up. If your work doesn’t feel like work, you’ve got it right! We have to have that ‘why’ we do what we do. Steve Jobs said; “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” I feel very lucky to love what I do and I know this is possible for others too.

2) Take time to write out your goals.

Know what you want from your work and life. Many people don’t take the time to really clarify how they want their lives to be. Goals are so important and writing them down makes them even more powerful. I love to make vision boards by collecting inspiring pictures and visuals of the things that matter to me or that I want, out of magazines and sticking them onto a board or into a goal book. In my book and work I coach people to think about what they want to achieve in the following areas of their lives; career, relationships, leisure, health, personal development, material/financial and giving back.

3) Train your brain to focus on what you want. Use the power of focus. We get more of what we focus on, so think about what you want rather than putting attention on what you don’t want. Look at those goals and vision boards every day. The mind is powerful and will help you come up with ideas to move you towards what you want if you keep success in your mind.

4) Believe you can!

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” —Theodore Roosevelt One of the main reasons people don’t accomplish what they set out to do is not

because they lack the experience, talent or skills; it is simply because they don’t believe they can do it! If you want something in life and have a big enough ‘why’ you want it, you also need to believe in yourself and your abilities to be able to make it happen.

5) Take action!

The last tip is simply to take action. Even taking one small step at a time is better than having an idea and not doing anything about it. Don’t worry about getting it perfect, just start and you’ll learn as you go. As Walt Disney said “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Becca Teers

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist, Author, Holistic Therapist, Co-owner of MindPlus Retreats

You can find out more about any of the businesses mentioned here:

Thanks for reading!


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