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Updated: Mar 15

Cat Bateman

Im delighted to have Cat Bateman of Little Folk Nursery Rhymes as our lovely guest blogger today, Cat and I met when she used to play her guitar & entertain the children in my former business The Dish & the Spoon Cafe.

Cat would always come in the door with a big smile on her face, wearing lots of fantastic bright colours, making everyone feel happy just seeing her, and that was before she started playing her amazingly fast paced, energetic delightful childrens nursery rhymes that had the children spellbound.

What a fantastic example of a small business owner, and a great inspiration to her own two boys. In her own words the following is from Cat. Thanks for featuring Cat!


Hi Im Cat! I live in Sydenham with my husband and two very-full-of-energy boys! Shona kindly invited me to appear here so I wanted to say something about my small-business & what it’s like being a Smallbiz Mamma, with a view to hopefully making other Mammas with a spark of an idea take the leap of faith – as I was inspired to by other women that were in my life or on my radar at the time of set-up.

Little folk nursery rhymes is me playing my guitar and singing nursery-rhymes to lovely little customers, from babes-in-arms up to pre-schoolers, and their exhausted parents, in some quirky and fab venues around my local area SE26 & and a bit further out if I can leg it back for the school run!

I started it in 2011 when I was coming out of the bedlam of having two babies fairly close together - I needed to earn some money!

I was chuffed to bits when people actually turned up to my first ever group and now I have 7 or so groups a week, sell a CD, produced a fun finger-puppet version of the 5 little ducks song and released more nursery-rhymes related fun products.

Last Summer, I did my first music festival and other than being happy that 7 years on I have a thriving little business, I am properly excited that I have just launched my new YouTube Channel

–if you have little ones, I would LOVE you to go and check it out and subscribe for FREE, gotta get those numbers up!

To you Mammas out there, if you have something you are passionate about, that is a great starting point for a smallbiz.

I absolutely love sharing singing (my strap line is 'music & singing for everyone') and I've always enjoyed being with babies and pre-schoolers.

I will never tire of seeing how little ones react to music, it's such a beautiful, natural thing, no-one has taught them how to react to it, it's innate - and some of them get so into it, their little bodies quiver with the sheer joy of it and that is the best thing ever!

And, who knew, I also LOVE running my own business! I never knew I would have my own business but it has been the best (and the hardest) thing ever!

And also, it is very special being a little part of loads of families' weekly fun - someone said to me the other day to think of how many little people I have sung to week-in-week-out over the last 7 years and it made me feel a bit emotional, it must be hundreds!

Another thing I love, that I never foresaw was seeing how new mums formed a bond with each other at my groups, that has been very special to me as I remember how tough and isolating those first few months can feel sometimes.

Finally (I do go on!) another thing I never foresaw that is with the onset of all this modern social media stuff (I am such a technophobe!) that I have a very small platform to spread the word about Type 1 Diabetes, my eldest boy has battled this extremely difficult to manage condition for 6 years now and I love myth- busting and sharing information about it – knowledge is power and all that!

Lessons I have learnt I am more than happy to share these as I think us women should really help our sisterhood.

1. Get help with your business as soon as you can! You feel like a bit of a lone-warrior and because there’s usually not that much money sloshing around at start-up, you tend to give every area of your business a go rather than farming out jobs at which you have limited skills! I think I would be much further down the path I am on if I had learned more quickly that it is ok to delegate and that it is money very well spent getting others to do tasks for you as it means you can get on with the tasks for which you do have some aptitude!

2. Also, it is probably very obvious but NEVER GIVE UP, always push things as far as you can to be the best they can be with what you have available at the time, the more you put in the more you get out - all terribly cliched I know! And to enjoy what you do, if you enjoy it, your enthusiasm will rub off on your customers. I have also learnt that I really don’t like admin & accounts!

3. And finally, GOOD ENOUGH IS GOOD ENOUGH! It took me many years to get to that point but it was a relief when I got there!

My social media bits and bobs: Website: YouTube: Instagram: @littlefolksing Facebook: little folk nursery rhymes Twitter: @littlefolksing

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