5 Top Tips for helping you plan a Pop-Up Event

Updated: Mar 15

Space at 61 is an events venue so we hold a lot of different popups. From Calligraphy workshops, to exciting new food events. One thing events all have in common, they need attendees. Read on to find out what we recommend you do to get them.

If you are considering trying your hand at a one off event, with the hope of building it into something more regular in time, do not neglect these 5 important areas.

1. Profile - You need to build an online profile first. Most people want to know who & what they are booking before they commit to a spend on your event. So start thinking about what you can put online that showcases what you can do, build up a steady drip feeding approach on social media 6-8 weeks before your event & be consistent in your posting.

2. Marketing Mix - Offline Marketing is still as important as online. Get some eye catching posters and flyers made up & then consider the geographic area you are trying to reach. Ask the event space you are working with to help you with a list of places to target whether that's the community notice board in a local coffee shop, or which stations are best for handing out flyers to commuters on their way home from work.

3. Pricing - Consider offering an early bird special for your event to help drive sales at the beginning, everyone loves a bargain. Don't price too high either, you want to help people choose your event & not put them off with a premium price if you are new to what you are offering.

4. Expertise -Reach out to others doing the same thing. There is a great sense of community among popups. Most people have been through similar issues and there is no harm in asking someone further along than you for a bit of a hand.

5. Suitability - Research lots of different venues before committing. Think about what you need for your event. Location might be more important than a low price, size of the space is another factor. Does it have the right facilities? Don't assume that it will! This is something I have heard people complain about after trying a place only to find out the dishwashing facilities were a challenge for example. If in doubt ask someone else who has used the space before for their real feedback not just what you see on the venues social media reviews.

Hope that this helps you! We are always happy to answer questions, just drop us a line, leave a comment below.

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