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Updated: Mar 15

The Start-Up of You by Reid Hoffman (Founder of Linkedin) & Ben Casnocha isnt a new book but offers a lot of advice for anyone trying to start up a business outside the corporate world.


The whole concept of this book is to teach you how to think, and the techniques involved in moving your career on if you are an entrepreneur.

To take on board the importance of being nimble, self reliant, innovative, how to network effectively and how to stand out from the crowd.


There are some great soundbites ' All humans are entrepreneurs' however they do caveat that by saying that doesn't mean all humans should be company owners.

They also tell us we should never consider ourselves a finished article but should be in 'permanent beta' test/improve/test/improve etc etc.

I also liked 'Finished' ought to be the F word...

Plan A, Plan B, Plan Z

The book covers the importance of establishing a competitive advantage. In understanding the role that your assets, aspirations and realities all have to play within that too. It teaches about ABZ planning, which essentially means Plan A - What you are doing now. Plan B - What you would do if plan A fails. Plan Z is your ultimate fall back. Both the authors agree that if Plan Z involves going broke it's not the right plan! You Can't Succeed Alone A major theme unsurprisingly given the author Founded Linkedin is people. You can't become successful alone. You need to be in touch with as many people as you possibly can in the most useful ways you can. I love the way they say that the people you spend time with matters. In fact that was my favorite bit really 'the fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people already the way you want to be'

On networking

When networking the importance should be on helping others first. Not expecting something and then helping someone.

We all all connected to so many more people than we first realise simply through our second and third degree connections.

This book explains where the Six Degrees of Separation theory began, it tells you how the word Serendipity was conceived, both of which blew my mind a bit.


It teaches we should take risk. Accept it into our lives.

We must work to overcome negative bias , the downsides are probably not as bad as we expect.

Could you tolerate the outcome if the worst case scenario happened?

None of us will ever be fully certain about any choice we don't conflate uncertainty with risk.

I hope if you are looking for a good solid business interest book you'll consider the Start Up of You.

Thanks for reading!


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